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Alex Zind Drops Groovy New Single "That Feeling"

German maestro Alex Zind delivers a sonic delight with his latest single, "That Feeling." A versatile producer, pianist, composer, and remixer hailing from Germany, Alex Zind showcases an unparalleled range of styles in his music. "That Feeling" seamlessly weaves through the realms of Deep House, Pop and Dance, creating a dynamic and invigorating listening experience. The track's smooth, upbeat, and groovy vibes reflect Alex's mastery of blending genres and capturing the essence of each style. The track serves as a testament to Alex's enduring passion for music and his knack for creating compositions that transcend time and musical boundaries. As he continues to surprise and captivate with each new production, "That Feeling" stands as a testament to Alex Zind's enduring talent and commitment to delivering music that resonates with the soul and compels the body to dance.

With a musical journey that began at the age of 6, playing the piano and later expanding to perform in concerts across Germany and Europe, Alex's award-winning career has only flourished over the years. Beyond his prowess as a producer, Alex has left his mark in Hollywood by contributing to film music and special effects in productions such as "The Adventures Of Pinocchio." With the founding of his record label in 1993, Alex Zind has been on a continuous upward trajectory, collaborating with renowned artists like Limahl from Kajagoogoo and Tina Harris from Sweetbox. The success of his remix of Tone Loc's "Funky Cold Medina," selling over 3.5 million copies, attests to his ability to craft chart-topping hits.

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