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Alexa Kate Stuns with New Single "Why Should I Be Sorry?"

Alexa Kate, a native of New York, has delved into her interests in music and community, demonstrating her skills in Nashville and Los Angeles. She is now back in her hometown, poised to become the newest female voice of the Concrete Jungle. Alexa has recently hooked her audience with tracks like “Delusional” and “Crash”, which capture the intense emotions that shape and mend youthful urban hearts. Despite the daunting nature of these feelings, they serve as a key motivator for Alexa in her music-making journey.

Alexa is dedicated to expressing her true self through her art, as she peels back layers to reveal aspects that others may keep hidden. In her latest single, "Why Should I Be Sorry," Alexa delves into the emotional aftermath of a breakup, staying true to her authentic style. The song captures the universal experience of questioning the need for apologies following heartbreak, while also exploring the frustrations of realizing that the blame lies with the one who departed. Through heartfelt lyrics and lively Pop melodies, "Why Should I Be Sorry," touches on the intricate and raw emotions associated with love, loss, and forgiveness.

With, “Why Should I Be Sorry”, Alexa Kate fuses together the emotional vulnerability of Gracie Abrams and the attention-grabbing energy of Tate McRae, while still carving a lane all her own. Her uniqueness and passion continues to captivate audiences on social media, but Alexa continues to lock in gigs, knowing that nothing compares to IRL connections, and nothing can top feeling of a room of strangers singing her lyrics back to her. Alexa Kate is a rising star in the music industry, known for her unique blend of heartache-pop, and latest single, "Why Should I Be Sorry," serves as a poignant introduction to her music. With her soulful vocals and introspective songwriting, Alexa Kate creates a safe space for vulnerability and healing through her music. As you embark on this musical journey with Alexa Kate, you can expect to be moved by her raw honesty and genuine storytelling.

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