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Alexander Joseph Reveals The Inspiration Behind His New EP

Alexander Joseph has spent his life juggling his two passions of music & sport. As a musician he cut his teeth performing on the open mic scene around the city of Bath, whilst touring the UK with a covers band. His commitment to sport stems from his time competing on the international tennis circuit & his more recent coaching roles within Paralympic sport. Joseph has even appeared on Channel 4’s ‘Superhumans’ show in the lead up to the 2016 Paralympic Games – where he performed his wheelchair basketball inspired anthem ‘GB 365‘.

Alexander Joseph remains committed to channelling important & heartfelt messages through his music. 2020 has seen the release of Not Defeated – a song about overcoming adversity & persevering through the challenging times. You’ll also be able to check out his EP ‘Broken But Beautiful’ from 4th September, which draws inspiration from his experiences of fatherhood, mental health, faith, friendship, the loss of a loved one & the need for relentless determination when we pursue our aspirations. He now spends his time coaching within wheelchair tennis, whilst continuing to write and release music alongside a busy family life.

The Inspiration Behind my EP ‘Broken But Beautiful’ by Alexander Joseph

My previous songs have generally been quite upbeat & motivational in style and were very much inspired by my role working as a fitness coach within Paralympic sport. Whilst I really enjoy this approach, which comes quite naturally, I wanted to delve a little deeper with ‘Broken But Beautiful’ and address some of life’s other experiences. 

‘What Fathers Do’ is the first track on the EP and I wrote this song to capture my wild and wonderful journey of fatherhood so far and to reflect on the responsibility and privilege it is to have children. Whilst there have been many sleepless nights, stinky nappy changes, completely unjustified temper tantrums & the occasional grazed knee or two, nothing compares to witnessing my kid’s enthusiasm for life & appreciation of the simple things!

‘Broken’ is the second track and reflects on my experiences of self-doubt and uncertainty, but hopefully maintains a message of hope throughout. Whilst I try to have as many positive days as possible and bring an element of optimism to the table, it’s fair to say this isn’t always the case. I’ve come to accept that it’s ok not to feel ok all the time, and that life comes with ups and downs. I believe we were all created with purpose and one of life’s mysterious adventures is to find it.

‘Your Love Song’ comes third and looks to explore my belief that we’re not in this alone and shouldn’t have to rely on our own strength when there’s a helping hand around the corner. I believe this could be in the form of a person who genuinely cares and wants to support us, or perhaps our maker reaching out to gently guide and steer us through the rollercoaster of life.

‘Waiting For You’ is the forth track and is my tribute to an incredible grandmother who persevered through so much hardship, yet never lost her sense of humour and always believed in me. Born and raised in Poland, she overcame the odds when she escaped from a prisoner camp towards the end of World War Two. After months in hiding she made her way over to England, where she settled in London and started a family. If it wasn’t for her bravery and resilience I wouldn’t be here today and I believe she’s now looking down on me from a better place. 

‘Invincible’ is the final track and was inspired by the countless times I’ve experienced disappointment when pursuing my aspirations. I think it’s fair to say it would be a little boring if we achieved our biggest goals without a bit of a slog. The setbacks might be painful but are probably when I’ve learnt the most, and they’ve given me the opportunity to come back stronger. I hope this song brings encouragement, especially during these challenging times.

‘Broken But Beautiful’ by Alexander Joseph is available now for stream and download, listen HERE

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