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Anna Thompson Brings The Heat With “Hot Now”

We all love a good comeback story. Seeing the “glow ups,” both physically and professionally, cause double-takes and make us think about what that person must have gone through on their journey to get them to this new point in their lives. Rising pop artist Anna Thompson doesn’t hold back and channels her own glow-up story on her revenge single “Hot Now.”

“Hot Now” focuses on how Thompson’s new found virality has caused some old “friends” to come crawling back into her life, looking to leech off of her success. The carefree single channels flavors of heat and confidence that will make anyone bossing up in life feel like more than a million bucks. She compares how people treated her when she was more of an outcast — “remember when you made fun of me on your spam account?” — to now, with jabs at their high school mentality and always looking for handouts. Thompson shares:

“‘Hot Now’ recollects my high school experience in contrast to the attention I get for my music now. It’s a glow-up anthem. Less so about physical looks, but success in life. It also describes the hardships I face maintaining genuine friendships without ulterior motives because I’m ‘hot now.’”

Anna Thompson is a rising pop artist from Seattle. As an independent artist, she has garnered a raving fan base of almost 100k on Tik Tok, 40k on Instagram, and 13k on Spotify, where she has amassed well over a million streams. After fans feverishly begged her to release her viral TikTok song “Get Me High,” it’s been non-stop. Several of Anna’s tracks have gone viral on Tik Tok and she has received press from tastemakers around the world such as EUPHORIA. Magazine, IMIRAGE Magazine, The Honey Pop, and Vacancy Magazine.

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