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ANNALIA Gives a Great First Taste of Her Upcoming EP [VIDEO]

Preparing for the release of her debut 5-song EP on May 11th, LA based songstress ANNALIA has recently released, “Dust”,  and it is a beautifully crafted, emotive Pop jam.

The first taste from the forthcoming project, the new single also comes along with a cinematic, dance inspired video, choreographed by ANNALIA.  About incorporating dance into the single she says, “Dance has been a part of my life ever since I can remember.  Since it’s such a creative outlet, it was completely natural for me to start envisioning choreography to the song. It was really cool to get to join my two passions together. It’s always been in my plans… this just seemed like the right time to introduce it.

While I may not be the target demo for commercial Pop records, it’s hard for me to deny how solid this tune is.  A stellar vocal performance, top notch melodies and a clean 80’s inspired production blend together perfectly, creating an undeniable Pop smash.

Since releasing her debut single, “Jealous”, in 2017, ANNALIA has taken time to focus and settle into exactly where she wants to be.  “I’m making pop songs with a twist… pulling in more real instrumentation and really focusing on my lyrics having depth and meaning.”  But don’t worry, ANNALIA still knows the importance of making songs just for the sake of groove.  “If my fans want to dig deeper, it’s available to them, but they can also just dance along, if that’s what they need. It’s a refreshing balance between standard pop and meaningful, relatable storytelling.

Having already found early support from tastemakers like, Nylon, PopCrush and Spotify, it isn’t hard to imagine the only way to go from here is up.  With this being the first single from her new EP, “Wavelength”, i can expect the project will be a beautiful addition to her catalog.

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