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Anson Seabra Drops Stunning New Single ‘Last Time’

Raised in Kansas City, singer/songwriter Anson Seabra didn’t always have a career in music in mind.  Although he has been a musician nearly his whole life – learning piano at age 6 and continuing through high school where he played alto sax in his schools prestigious jazz band – when he went to college for a degree in computer science, being an artist wasn’t even something he had considered.  

After accepting an internship on the east coast doing coding and working to fulfill his degree, all it took was a moment of inspiration for everything to change.  While at work and listening to Spotify, Matoma’s, “Old Thing Back”, was served to Anson via an algorithmic playlist and he remembers having an epiphany.  He says, “It came on one of my Spotify recommended playlists and I just remember thinking…this is incredible…I never thought music could sound like this. It’s still one of my all-time favorite songs. Anyways that sort of got me thinking, why wasn’t I trying to make music like that? Who was to say I couldn’t create something similar?

In 2018, Anson Seabra took a leap of faith, quitting his job to pursue music full time – and so far the reward has far outweighed the risk.  Initially focused on building his YouTube channel, he has since been able to rack up hundreds of thousands of subscribers and millions of streams across platforms.  Most recently, Anson has unveiled his latest single, “Last Time”, and it is a stunning, heartfelt, minimal jam that will hit you right in the feels.  

Over a rich, yet mellow piano – and nothing more – Anson Seabra delivers a beautiful performance about lost love.  From velvety lows to soaring falsettos, Anson brings a stunning, dynamic performance while his lyrics make sure the song remains ever-relatable and wholly human.  With this being the first tune I have heard from the buzzing songwriter, I must admit – I was hooked on my first listen.  Totally touching and brilliantly simplistic, this tune is built on pure emotion and void of any distractions.  Anson has gained a new fan in me for sure. 

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