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Arms Akimbo Get ‘Virtual’ On New Release

It hasn’t even been a year since we first featured LA 4-piece group Arms Akimbo on site – with the release of their EP, “The Wrong Kind of Dance Party”.  Since then is seems they have been hard at work, leading us to where we are today.

After meeting in college and bonding over their  mutual love of Portugal.The Man, Local Natives, Hippo Campus and Walk The Moon, Peter Schrupp, Christopher Kalli, Matthew Sutton and Colin Boppell created Arms Akimbo.  Right out of the gate, it seemed their post-college-now-wtf vein of hope, insecurity and fuck it was quick to catch on.  Going from frat parties, to smaller clubs, to larger clubs, to  selling out legendary club The Troubadour, it seemed that their fan base was rapidly growing and highly engaged.  

Through a consistent flow of releases Arms Akimbo continues to connect at every turn, most recently with the release of their single, “Virtual”.  Most notable about the group is their own blend of uplifting, dynamic and well written Pop/Rock jams.  Via poignant lyrics cloaked in rich, memorable melodies, time and time again Arms Akimbo find a way to connect with their listeners.

A bit of spunk, a little edge and some deep rooted emotion all sit behind the scenes in nearly every release while this musicality and overall groove sit front and center.  Pay attention and you might get hit in the feels – close your mind and you will happily rock along with no questions asked.

Make sure you add, “Virtual”, to your collections and do yourself a favor and check out their back catalog.  It’s all well worth a listen.

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