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Around the World with &around

Hailing from South London, but inspired by a trip around the world, singer/DJ/producer Sam Simon has just released the second single for his new artist project &around.  The new tune, “Without Your Love”, is the first follow up to last years debut, “Dreaming All Night”.

After discovering a vocoder toy on the streets of Bangkok during his travels, &around was born via a laptop and impromptu sessions in airports, hotels, on boats and in camper vans.  Traveling to Bali, Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines and Vietnam over the past 6 months, &around was able to develop his Tropical Pop Sound into something original and enchanting.

On his latest release, chill electronic keys carry the tune while layered vocals and pumping drums add to the overall vibe.  While the track retains its vibe from beginning to end, it also picks up for the hooks adding a bit more energy to the otherwise mellow release.

To give some more insight into the tune and process behind it, San offers, “I wrote the original song idea in Bali during a tropical storm I got to New Zealand about a month later and recorded a vocal sample of a woman singing to Maori gods next to the largest tree in the world (Tāne Mahuta) which sounded great dropped into this demo, so I booked a studio just outside Aukland in NZ parked outside in my campervan with my girlfriend for a couple days and finished tracking the song. it’s about realising how sad it would be being away from someone you love – when they’ve become such a big part of your life.

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