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ATL Indie Rock: Zoey [VIDEO]

For full disclosure, it took me a few listens to get into this track, but it’s a slow burner, the more you listen – the more it grabs hold.

The Head is an Atlanta based 3-piece bringing a classic and nostalgic Rock sound to the 2017 market.  The release of their new video marks the push of their third single from their recently released LP, “Space“.  As their third single, “Zoey“, has a great vibe and some heavy sing along potential.  The heavy guitar laden production sees lush layers gliding effortlessly beneath the vocals, while playful melodies and an uplifting progression push the feels.

The video brings a taste of nostalgia all its own.  In a wood panel, shag carpet clad attic bedroom, who is presumably The Head’s biggest fan, rocks along like no one is watching.  Playful, energetic and cool, the visuals add another layer to the already memorable release.

As much as this song hits recorded, we can only imagine it’s better live.  With the group embarking on 50+ date tour, including their first dates on the West Coast and 14 dates in the UK , make sure you go check them out if you get the chance.

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