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August Brodie says it so you don’t need to on “LOOK AT ME THE SAME”

Sometimes, you wake up and the energy just isn’t there. You may not feel like yourself, or maybe you’re tired of not being yourself. August Brodie zooms in on these moments, these days where we’d rather watch the world burn than be a part of it, on his new song “LOOK AT ME THE SAME”. The track is off of Brodie’s new EP, TELL YOUR FRIENDS, a project in which the upandcomer tries to initiate the same sort of feelings of relatability that he encountered in his teenage years listening to emo and pop-punk music. “LOOK AT ME THE SAME” evokes the most classic sort of characteristics of teenage angst and rebellion, and Brodie’s vocal tone and choices of instrumentation certainly beckon back to his pop-punk influences. However, the track should not be easily dismissed as a redactive standardization. Rather, “LOOK AT ME THE SAME” serves as a neatly constructed archetype that is both widely relatable and capable of standing alone as a well thought out piece of work. 

To all the small-town punk rockers out there, we see you, and so does August Brodie. In “LOOK AT ME THE SAME”, Brodie takes us through a day in his life; the monotony of it all. Why care about going out with your friends if they’re just doing what you did last night? This idea grounds “LOOK AT ME THE SAME” in relatability. Wanting to find something “that is fun and new” is what we’re all after, right? Sometimes one may want to “burn it all down, just to see the beauty of it all”, to assert some sort of control, to not live life on life’s terms. But saying these thoughts that cross your minds may garner some funny looks from presumptuous people, they may never look at you the same way after. That’s where August comes in. On “LOOK AT ME THE SAME”, he sings your thoughts so you don’t have to say them yourself. Clearly, Brodie knows what it feels like to be an outcast, or to outcast yourself. His latest work is undeniably relatable, poignant, and well constructed and I urge everyone to listen to the rest of his EP.

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