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Bahari Make Return to RDFO with’Savage’

Saucy SoCal trio Bahari have made their way onto RockDafuqOut before, and they are back again with a new jam.

With an album on the way, Bahari have recently released their single, “Savage”, and it is the perfect taste of what is to come from their new project.  The Indie Alt-Pop trio have found a lane for themselves by making sure to create and deliver music that is true to them, regardless of if it resonates with everyone else.  On their new single, mellow and haunting production laden with dark string melodies, orchestral hits and encapsulating vocal pads set the pace while the girls deliver on vocals.

What I love most about this track (aside from the vocals) is the arrangement.  The track swells and breaks at all the right places – bringing you up and letting you down, creating an immense amount of tension to eat away at you.  The track builds into what you think will be a big drop (like everything else these days), but switches gears and brings you right back down to the sexy and seductive hook.

Lyrically the tune delves deep into a destructive yet undeniable love – the type we are all likely to have encountered at one point or another.  About the single, Bahari says, “This song is definitely one of the more fun ones from our album.  Writing “Savage” made us feel really empowered and kind of bad ass. We couldn’t wait to share it.

Keep an eye on these gals.

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