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Ben Dolic Releases This Summer's Perfect Post-Breakup Pop Song With "Kissing Her, Missing You"

Slovenian singer and songwriter, Ben Dolic is one of the most exciting up-and-coming pop artists with a story to tell. His newest release, Kissing Her, Missing You” is no exception.

“Kissing Her, Missing You” is a fun and catchy upbeat pop song detailing a relationship that is less than over. Ben sings about moving onto a new girl, but still missing the touch and romance from a past partner. The lyrics are relatable, quick, and jam worthy, touching upon a subject most listeners can relate to as they think about “the one who got away” for them.

"Kissing Her, Missing You” contains the best elements of a great dance-pop song. With a catch melody, electrifying beat, and dazzling synths, it is the perfect song for the summer. It has a danceable beat and sleek drive that will be the perfect soundtrack for those thinking about a ex-partner in a carefree and cheeky way.

Opening up about mental health, encouraging self-expression, and aiding others in finding beauty in darkness, Ben creates what he describes as “good vibes you can cry to”. Penning lyrics about love, relationships, and mental health, Ben echoes the sounds of genre-blending artists, such as Michael Jackson, The Weeknd, and Justin Bieber.

Best known for his emotional, stripped-back vocals, limitless atmosphere, and powerful falsettos, Ben’s sound forms a unique take on the artists he grew up listening to. His breakout single, ‘Violent Thing’ was a huge success, reaching over 12 million streams worldwide and making him a regular face on major commercial European TV and Radio shows during 2020.

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