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Ben Provencial and Jaylon Ashaun Release Catchy New Hit “Forget About Me”

Atlanta-based singer-songwriter Ben Provencial has teamed up with artist Jaylon Ashaun in their catchy pop hit “Forget About Me”, now available on all streaming platforms. A track inspired by infidelity and broken promises, the two artists tug at your heartstrings as they sing about a fading love, destroyed by a cheating partner. Their emotional lyrics paired with upbeat pop drum patterns provides a perfect juxtaposition. The troubled relationship-based narrative and soft vocal delivery reminds listeners of artists like Justin Bieber. Vulnerable but upbeat, “Forget About Me” is a track to remember and the two artists posses an unforgettable synergy as they navigate the emotions of a messy breakup. Ben is swiftly gaining momentum and we can’t wait to see what’s in store in 2022.

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