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Beren Olivia Recruits Lostboycrow For A New Take On “History”

Beren Olivia has been able to blend pop, R&B, and electropop into absolute bangers. Her song “History” is getting a fresh spin with Lostboycrow. The duetted version adds a whole new meaning to the song. Lostboycrow supplies a fresh perspective by adding the male point-of-view.

This new version reminds us that relationships are a two-way street and require work from both sides. Aside from Lostboycrow lending his vocals, the track seems to be bolder and filled with swirling harmonies. The two vocals between Beren Olivia and Lostboycrow pair so well together that you can’t help but lean into the harmonic chemistry the song exudes.

Broadcast on BBC Radio 1, added to a wide range of Apple Music / Spotify editorial playlists and streamed over 120,000 times since its release in September, the original version of the History became an instant fan-favourite. This collaboration between Beren Olivia and Lostboycrow is set to impress and excite fans just as much.

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