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Big Pop Vibes from Chelsea Collins on ‘Vendetta’

While 19 year old LA based Pop artist Chelsea Collins may be a new name on your radar (and mine), her musical journey began a lifetime ago.  At just 5 years old, she began to train classically and study music theory.  At age ten, she began to write her own songs and quickly discovered her love for songwriting and music production.  Working, for years, alongside her brother Nico, Chelsea was able to hone her sound and develop into the artist who we see today.

Most recently she has released her single, “Vendetta”, via Bonfire Records and it is a smash.  Beneath the beautifully delivered, attitude filled vocals, influences from R&B and Hip Hop are melded into the production.  Smooth guitar riffs and, fat basslines and slapping drums bring the perfect amount of energy to support the vocals.

A smart arrangement, big hook and undeniable vibe take over from the beginning and hold on until the end.  The amount of ridiculously good Indie Pop that has been coming out lately is remarkable and Chelsea Collins is only helping to fuel that fire.

Inspired by her life experiences, drive to succeed and all around love for music, Chelsea  Collins is hoping to empower while simultaneously plotting to top charts.  She says, “I really want to encourage young girls and women to start producing their own music. It really changed my life and the way I think about it. It opened me up to a new creative outlet and gave me the power to have full control over my sound. I think it’s easy to limit yourself and listen to all the boundaries people or society try and set for you, when in reality, you can do anything as long as you set your mind to it. I never thought I would be taking on all the roles that go into producing my own songs I write, but I’ve never put myself in a box, and it’s something that I’ve always lived by.

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