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Billy Davis Unleashes Sultry New Jam ‘Shoulda Known’

I guess summer in Australia means a LOT more HEAT.  Recently, I found the lead single from Billy Davis’ forthcoming album in my inbox and I have been bumping it ever since.

First introduced to classics like the Doobie Brothers, the Bee Gees, and Boney M by his uncle after his father tragically passed away when he was just 3 years old – Billy Davis found solace in music.  Blending the sounds pumping from his uncles radio with the gospel music he heard growing up in church helped Billy to develop the signature sound that has catapulted him into mainstream consciousness.

Aside from releasing his solo work, Billy also fronts a band called The Good Lords with an ever evolving lineup – sometimes landing 11 members on stage at any given times.  For Billy Davis, it is the collaboration with other artists that really drives him and he has been able to lock in some MAJOR collabs to date.  From GoldLink and Brockhampton to Denzel Curry, there is no shortage of major artists taking note.  

For his latest release, and his first on Sony Music Australia, Billy Davis teamed up with artists VanJess and Matt McGhee to create a smooth, soulful bop.  With VanJess delivering sultry vocals and Matt McGhee dropping slick verses, the production is absolutely top notch.  From jazzy embellishments to a brilliant arrangement and undeniable groove, the new tune has a whole lot of vibe and just the right about it bounce.  Dynamic and perfectly executed, there is a clear musicality playing its part behind the scenes.

While there may have been many parties involved in the creation of his new tune, Billy Davis is the mastermind and music director making sure everything lands exactly as the should.  This is an outright jam and more than enough reason for me to pay close attention to this album roll out.  I suggest you do the same.

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