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BIPOLUR Bring the Heat with ‘Party Scientist’

As my husband (creator of RockDafuqOut) was going through new music submissions for the blog, this one instantly made my ears perk once it started playing.

– “You’re accepting that one right?!

Wishing I was walking into a club at 4am – instead of folding laundry, while listening to my 4 year olds weird-ass YouTube videos playing in the background – The new single from BIPOLUR brought me right back to my club days, with a dark, after hours feel. On, “Party Scientist“, a driving bassline, big builds and heavy drums create a funky Tech House treat interlaced in the dope beats…a sample of Aziz Ansari’s voice from Parks and Rec!

Hailing from Toronto and having released their debut single just last year, BIPOLUR‘s latest offering follows in the footsteps of their last release, “Nobody“, rocking simplistic vocals, a lot of groove and deep dark rhythms. If you want to escape to a former life or you just want to hear some real good fucking beats, give “Party Scientist” a play and you won’t be disappointed!

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