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BLYNE Team Up with James Chatburn for ‘Waste Time’

Berlin based producers and multi-instrumentalists Jan Hammele and Andreas Huber have been collaborating for years.  While Jan spent his earlier career in a Punk/Garage band, Andreas was busy rocking out in Metal bands, but since coming together the duo has tried (and succeeded) in creating everything from Electronic to Pop.

Before coming together to create BLYNE, the duo toured the world as Egokind & Ozean which was toted as “Berlin’s new electronic generation of producers” by Mixmag and received acclaim from around the world.  Ready to switch things up and try their hand in a different genre, the duo has spent the last 6 years creating for BLYNE and are now set to release their debut EP this year.

Looking to develop a unique interpretation of contemporary Pop music, BLYNE has just released the second cut from their upcoming project, “Waste Time”, featuring Aussie Pop/Soul singer James Chatburn (who we featured last year).  The latest offering displays a unique blend of Electronica, Soul and R&B.  Highly modulated vocals play against minimal production before being hit with some heavy bass and drums.

The track eventually gives way to James Chatburn’s unadulterated vocals where he  sways with some contemporary melodies, falsetto flare and an emotional delivery.  On the meaning of the track the say, “It’s a song about The feeling and fear of losing track in the monotonous daily city life, trying to find your right balance between goals, melancholy and love.

The overall vibe in this track is totally on point.  Hyped to hear the EP.

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