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Brett Castro Shines on New Single “movies in the backyard”

Hailing from outside of Cleveland, Ohio, fast-rising artist Brett Castro has been making some major waves over the last few years. Having already racked up over a million streams, and having landing in some major Spotify playlists already, the multi-talented producer, singer/songwriter has been captivating fans with his own blend of R&B, Pop and Folk.

Currently based in Manhattan, Brett Castro is penning relatable tunes that resonate with fans far and wide. Impressive lyrics, precise production and an ability to craft genre-bending tunes that connect with listeners in a deep and personal way, it is easy to understand why Brett Castro is poised to be a new favorite of many in the coming months.

His latest offering, “movies in the backyard“, is a dynamic and smooth-as-hell jam that features stunning harmonies, airy background vocals, poignant lyrics and just enough bounce to get you swaying. About the single, Brett Castro says, “movies in the backyard” was written on a challenge from my childhood friends to write a song about growing up together in Ohio. We were always running through the woods, singing around the piano, or shooting YouTube videos in their backyard. They were my escape out of my own world and into one that we made fantastical. Sometimes I feel like I never left that backyard, and I’m still foraging around for that feeling. And so that’s what I ended up writing.

Serving as the first tune off of his upcoming 2022 project, “movies in the backyard“, brings a fresh feel with a bit of hometown nostalgia. Having returned home to Ohio to shoot the video alongside his friends in the same spots they used to frequent as kids, the visuals add an another layer of authenticity to the already stellar tune. Make sure you keep an eye on Brett Castro and stay tuned for more from the upcoming project.

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