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Cassidy King Let’s It All Out on ‘Wasted’

Hailing from small town Ohio, Cassidy King has recently unleashed her latest single, “Wasted“, and it is without a doubt a beautiful addition to her growing catalog.  Having grown up surrounded by endless fields and far away from city life, it seems it took Cassidy a great amount of time to find her way in the world.  Like so many, she found solace in music and used it as a way to not only express herself, but to help her find herself.  She says, “I’m not a girly-girl…makeup, glamour, and glitzy shit just aren’t for me,” she exclaims. “I’m from Ohio. I play in fields and on farms for fun. I grew up going to the creek— not playing video games. I’m always outside; that’s who I am. I love where I’m from. It’s a part of me, and it’s in my music.

To date, the budding artist has been able to grow a devoted fanbase while simultaneously racking up millions of streams across the globe.  With her unapologetic aura and impressive talents as a singer/songwriter, each new release only helps to tell her story – ready to tell to anyone who may want to listen.  On her new single, “Wasted“, Cassidy King combines equal parts pride and acceptance as she dominates the track with her powerful and totally captivating vocals.  Over a dynamic, percussive electronic driven production, Cassidy King cries out and sheds her soul.

About the tune she says, “Wasted speaks on the difficulty of knowing when it’s safe to fall and being able to fully trust in that commitment when you can’t see what they see in you. I’m afraid to be vulnerable in relationships, especially when they’re good for me. I tend to chase relationships that aren’t healthy because being uncomfortable is something I’ve grown used to. I’m learning to accept someone unconditionally through the acceptance of myself. Wasted is a reassurance that you’re worthy of good love and a reminder that it’s okay to fall, but only if they’re holding onto you tightly.

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