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Charlie Houston Reels In Heartbreak On Subtle Jam “Calls”

Moving on isn’t easy when a relationship feels unresolved. The same goes for Charlie Houston who can’t seem to let go of an old love on newest tune “Calls.”

The tune flaunts simple production that ultimately makes way for the artist’s descriptive narrative. Though there is a festering angst as Houston admits to “holding on to all [their] issues,” she seemingly lives her days normally, saying “all day I’m fine,” and “empty Juul pods, Uber Eats in bed.” But each action denotes a subtle uneasiness, emulating this feeling of being tethered to something no longer existent. The young artist notes:

“I just want my songs to be super authentic and address shit that all young people deal with.” 

“Calls” most certainly embodies a young person’s broken heart, but shows the side of heartbreak that isn’t all about the drama.

Freshly signed to Arts & Crafts, the genre-bending artist has announced her debut I Hate Spring EP due out April 23. Throughout the collection, Charlie bravely bears her personal struggles such as mental health issues, romantic heartbreak, first kisses and discovering the fluidity of her sexual identity along the way. Working with producer Chris Yonge, I Hate Spring features five downtempo pop tracks infusing progressive electronic sounds with raw, melodic guitar and pop-R&B vocals. The poetic lyrics intentionally do not include pronouns because the beautifully crafted stories are authentically relatable to any listener.

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