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Charming Horses Flips COSBY’s ‘Milestone’ [VIDEO]

Hailing from Munich, 4-piece Pop outfit COSBY first made waves with the release of their debut album, “As Fast As We Can”.  With a true DIY spirit and philanthropic outlook, the group has always been set on using their music and platform to help create a better world.

After embarking on a trip to Malawi to go help install solar panels on a school, COSBY returned to Munich and created their new tune, “Milestone”, shortly after.  Bringing their signature, inspirational, uplifting vibes to the track – the group used the essence of the eye opening trip to convey a deeper message of acceptance, humanity and positivity into the tune.

Helping the tune reach a wider audience, COSBY enlisted producer Charming Horses to flip the track into a more dance floor friendly anthem.  Holding on to the magic in the vocals, Charming Horses brings a vibrant Deep House feel to the track.  From bubbly basslines to catchy synth melodies and solid drum programming – The remix finds the perfect balance between club friendliness and commercial appeal.  Groovy, melodic and totally danceable, this one will be in my playlists for some time to come.

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