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CHATBOT Releases Latest Bop ‘Suzanne’

Prolific artist/producer CHATBOT has been nearly unstoppable since launching in 2018. Aside from creating his impressive originals, he has also been racking up credits for years as a writer and producer, working alongside some big names in the game.

Mixing urban sounds with dance elements and infectious hooks to create his typical future vibe, CHATBOT always finds a way to push his sound while also finding a way to connect on a personal level with his fans. From impressive sound design to earworm melodeis and top notch harmonics, everything CHATBOT releases is as intricate as it is mainstream.

His latest release, “Suzanne“, is yet another example of why CHATBOT should be on your radar. About the tune he says, “In some relationships you try for years to make it work, cry so many tears that’ll last for a lifetime. But you just don’t want to quit and lose the love of your life. Because you know it’s never over till it’s really over – so you keep on trying this one last time. “Suzanne” is a modern pop song telling the archaic story of two lovers desperately trying to find their luck together.

Pop leaning melodies and arrangements couple with dynamic production and a huge hook that will without a doubt have you belting along after a listen or two. The genre-bending tune once again helps to set CHATBOT apart from his contemporaries as he pushes ahead into new soundscapes.

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