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Chiiild Recruits Jensen McRae To Reimagine His Tune “Gone”

There are some artists that have a tendency to cut through the noise. This is very applicable to both Chiiild, the genre-bending LA artist, along with Jensen McRae, a daring singer-songwriter who first caught our attention when she collaborated with Joy Oladokun. Chiiild’s previously released tune “Gone” gets a fresh and beautiful remix that features McRae’s stunning vocals and immaculate songwriting.

The tune has all the flavors of an indie-pop tune perfect for chilling out or bumping as you drive down the coast. It breathes an effortless and carefree vibe into your ears. Chiiild and McRae make for a perfect duo as their voices lend a comforting feeling that provides a wave of calmness. Though the lyrics are melancholy in nature, they whisk you away into serene daydreams as the production supports a peaceful feeling that allows you to slip into a sense of solace. In regards to the collaboration, McRae shares: 

“I was so excited when I got connected with Chiiild for this collab. He has such a special, rich voice and his music exists at the nexus of multiple genres I love. As soon as I heard the first version of ‘Gone’ I had so many ideas—the themes of miscommunication and emotional distance are things that I think a lot of people can relate to but don’t want to admit it. It was such a thrill to hear it all come together. I don’t have any music by myself that sounds like this and I can’t wait for people to dive into it—it’s a perfect song for the summer.”

While Jensen McRae recently released her debut EP Who Hurt You?, which features fantastic singles like “Immune” and “Adam’s Ribs,” Chiiild’s debut album Hope For Sale is just around the corner and set for release on July 23rd. The Montreal-born, LA-based genre hybrid continues his run of prolific form. Chiiild has made a name for himself occupying a space typically not representative of Black artists within the alt/pop genre. Chiiild uses music to tell stories about diversity, ask questions about humanity, and unify people over shared personal experiences. Taking influence from music as diverse as D’Angelo, Tame Impala, Pink Floyd, and Marvin Gaye, he’s created an expansive timeless sound that is uniquely genre-bending yet still somehow reminiscent of something you’ve heard or felt, before.

Photo credit: Amy Gardner

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