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Chloe Gilligan Taps Into Whimsical Memories in “Front Porch”

In her first single of 2021, Chloe Gilligan’s “Front Porch” recollects memories from a whimsical night on her 22nd birthday where she shared an unforgettable yet forbidden kiss. Dropping on the third anniversary of the night that inspired the track, Chloe taps into old yet unforgotten memories in this beautiful dream pop ballad. Paired with a captivating music video, the scene presents so perfectly painted as we follow her journey through a mental wrestling match with the happenings of that night. In the self-directed video, Chloe does an effortless job of making the listener feel like they’re right there with her. Sipping red wine, her voice channels a dreamy Lana Del Rey vibe as she remembers exactly what happened on the front porch that rainy summer night.

With 30k monthly listeners on Spotify, Chloe’s audience is showing impressive growth thanks to marquee editorial placements by DSPs, and consistent, engaging content on her Instagram. Selected last year as an official SXSW artist, people are quickly falling in love with Chloe’s voice and relatable lyrics. Born and raised in Georgia, you hear a variety of musical influence in her voice and we’re excited to watch her career in pop music grow!

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