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Chloe Lilac Holds Nothing Back With Angsty “19”

There’s a lot of pressure that comes with being a teenager, and Chloe Lilac captures all that stress and anxiety on her latest tune “19.” Coming out just ahead of her mixtape that’s due out November 19th, this tune allows us to peer into what we can expect from this bold and unbothered rising star.

“19” is a hard-hitting tune that channels all the classic elements we can expect from a pop tune infused with punk/rock influences. The gritty guitar riff grinds against Chloe’s smooth melodies while the punchy drums and dark harmonies adds to this bubbling feeling of pressure about to burst. This climactic moment is expressed through the tantalizing guitar solo that channels just as much angst as Chloe’s raw and real lyrics. When it comes to the tune’s inspiration, she shares:

“I wrote ‘19’ about how scary everything’s gotten in the last two years. I really sat and thought about the state of the world and how weird and out of control everything’s become since the pandemic. I want to stress how grateful I am for my physical health and my family’s health. I’ve been very blessed throughout the pandemic thus far. There’s just so much loss that’s been happening and still happening. It’s really intense, especially being witness to all the tragedy at what seems like the beginning of my adult life.”

Brooklyn-based artist Chloe Lilac made a bold return with her single “10 Things.” The budding artist will follow up her 2020 sophomore EP DOUCHEBAG with her new mixtape releasing on November 19th. Earning widespread critical love from outlets like The FADER, NYLON, UPROXX, MTV, Refinery29, and PAPER, Chloe shows no sign of slowing down. 

Photo credit: Ragan Henderson

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