• Nicholas Zallo

Cityzen Continues Tear with Two New Singles

There is a new name in the House circuit… and if you haven’t already gotten a wind of Cityzen, I suggest you start paying attention now.  Having only launched his career earlier this year with debut single, “Sirius”, Cityzen has been on an absolute rampage, dropping single after single of high-octane grooves.  

The enigmatic new producer who is one part futuristic animation and one part House maven has thus far kept his identity under wraps, letting the music speak for itself.  Blending touches of nearly every sub-genre you can think of into crisp, dirty, dancefloor destroying jams, Cityzen has been incredibly consistent since launching – and is showing no signs of slowing down.  One of the most promising new names in the game, so for Cityzen has become a mainstay on R3HAB’s label CYB3RPVNK, dropping bomb after bomb, setting up 2020 to be a massive year.  

About a month ago, the mysterious new producer blessed House heads with a devastating tune, titled, “Who Ya Gonna Call?”.  The bass heavy tune brings a pounding energy thanks to gritty subs, haunting synth melodies and pumped up vocal samples.  From the slick arrangement to anxiety inducing builds and massive drops, this one will without a doubt be rocking in some of your favorite sets over the next year.  

With that track barely having time to breathe, Cityzen decided to double down – more recently unleashing new single, “Planet Rock”.  Opening with some soulful vocals and melodies, the track quickly builds and transforms into a bass riddled monster that hits extra hard.  The dynamics between the more chill vocal driven sections and the gritty drop help to give this one an extra level of appeal and some additional mind-fuckery.  

Having been unstoppable since their first release, I am sure that Cityzen has a whole lot more in the pipeline – I’m here for it.  

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