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Classic Armstrong Embraces Nostalgia in New Hit “Blanks”

Delivering perfect end of summer vibes, Classic Armstrong’s new hit “Blanks” hits us right in the feels as it reminds us of memories and frankly, better days. Paired with a brilliantly directed music video, “Blanks” transports listeners to a different time as we follow the story of the early days of a crush in pursuit of something more. The video takes us on a journey of a girl who sees progress with therapy only to end in confusion when the doctor prescribes her a medication that worries her romantic interest. Perplexed by why she would receive the meds toward the end of her therapy session, he pockets the her pill bottle with a ‘to be continued’ sign leaving listeners hanging for the sequel. Currently with over 1.2M YouTube subscribers, Classic Armstrong is carving out his audience through clever storytelling and catchy pop hits.

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