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Classics Revamped!

So… I was checking out all of the new tracks that I am getting ready to post up and I noticed something interesting. It seems it is the season to re-work classic tunes.  From Mr. Belt & Wezol to Cedric Zeyenne, producers seem to be taking a crack at revamping timeless tunes for 2015.

I personally know how much fun it can be to take a classic and try something new, and all of these producers did a great job at reinterpreting these gems.

Who do you think did the best job?

Mr. Belt & Wezol take on CeCe Peniston‘s, “Finally“, putting their signature touch on the classic.

Bougenvilla & Jared Hiwat take on Crystal Water‘s, “Gypsy Woman (She’s Homeless)“, sticking to the original feel and beefing it up.

CMC$ takes on Lady Bee‘s, “Return Of the Mack“, chilling it out and vibing it out.

Cedric Zeyenne takes on Blondee‘s, “I Love You“, putting his beautiful melodic energy into it.

LVNDSCAPE takes on IIO‘s, “Rapture“, taking it deep and tropical.

Florian Paetzold takes on Limp Bizkit‘s, “My Way“, with an awesome unorthodox take.

Kasum takes on Blink 182‘s, “Adam’s Song“, putting hit progressive flavor on it.

And don’t forget this one that we recently featured…


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