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Clide Gets Us All in Our “feelings” with New EP

Clide is a name that we I been saying a lot over the last year or so. Slowly proving himself to be one of the freshest and most consistent artists sliding into our inbox, his latest EP, “feelings”, is a stunning 5-track offering that gives new fans the perfect insight into his smooth and dynamic sound.

Born in Berlin and raised in the US, Clide feels dialed in, having developed a lane of his own crafting tunes that come from the heart and resonate in an undeniably authentic way. Speaking on one of the project’s most vulnerable singles, “come over”, Clide says, “I remember writing “come over” in my bedroom almost 2 years ago, sitting there and thinking about that girl i used to see, that sadly wasn’t part of my life anymore. To me it’s just a song that’s really honest and pure, trying to say out loud what my feelings and the thoughts running through my head were telling me. I think I like the song so much, because it is so honest and real and I hope others can hear and feel that too…”

Having built anticipation for the project with a number of singles, we have been rocking each tune along the way and not one of them has yet lost steam. With his rich tone, smooth melodies and impressive lyrics carrying each tune, clean production and an array of vibes develop throughout, taking listeners on a ride from beginning to end. Plenty of emotion, a bit of groove and a whole lot of swag make sure that this EP never lets go of the gas.

While we couldn’t be happier that Clide has finally blessed us with this full EP, we can only hope we don’t have to wait too long for the next batch of bops. Hopefully you aren’t sick of us sharing his tunes yet, because I have a feeling there will be a lot more to come. Do yourself a favor and run this one up.

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