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Cody Frost Releases Explosive New Single "DWYSSWM"

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

Together with its official video, pop artist Cody Frost releases her dynamic new hit "DWYSSWM" on all streaming platforms. Set to be featured on her upcoming EP, "DWYSSWM" finds Cody pushing multiple elements of new sound: hyper pop, angsty aggression and incredible vocals. Easily her brightest, most pop-driven single so far, the young artist doesn't shy away from the songs rock-driven elements as her and co-producer/writer Dan Weller reconnect with their rock roots. A form of therapy for Cody, the new track is all about taking control of your own body. Fueled by anger surrounding past experiences with men, the song is inspired by the secrets we share amongst each other because the topic is so taboo.

Set to a neon pink back drop, the video shows off Cody and an accompanying dancer dancing to matching choreography to convey the songs meaning. The video quickly transitions in the blink of an eye, changing her surroundings to pitch black and her movement to becoming controlled and suspended using an artistic form of Japanese rope bondage called shibari. While the song feels lighthearted and pop-driven, it's much more than that - the deeper meaning is relatable and refreshingly honest; something we're excited to see even more of from Cody Frost's upcoming EP.

Listen to more like Cody Frost here:

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