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Come to the Dark Side with Babel ‘sad faces & dark places’

While quarantine has me a bit fucked up and a bit backed up on these reviews, I can say that I have been heavily rocking the latest approvals while I sit trapped in the corner of my bedroom working from home.  One tune that has helped to add to my psychosis while also helping to keep me in a state of trance is the latest tune from Babel, “sad faces & dark places“.

What serves as his debut release on Spotify, his new tune is an incredibly haunting yet somewhat therapeutic jam that sets the tone for what’s to come.  Released on Bonfire Records, “sad faces & dark places“, has already accumulated an impressive number of streams and some major support since its release.  With gritty basslines, minimal verses and intersting sound design throughout the track, Babel delivers an ominous performance that would be petrifying if the melodies that came along with it weren’t so god damn catchy.

Surely carving a lane of his own, Babel seems ready to turn some heads with is signature sound – and we are surely here for it.

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