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Common Kings Drop ‘Lock Me Up’ with Stephen Marley

One genre that seems to be terribly underserved in the US is Reggae.  While there may be no shortage of jam bands doing covers and replicating the sound, new reggae tunes that can stand up next to the classics are few and far between.  

Enter Common Kings.  The 4-piece group located in Costa Mesa have recently teamed up with Stephen Marley for, “Lock Me Up”, an incredibly produced jam that I have been knocking since it landed in my inbox.  A lush, organic production relies on some guitar, fat basslines and percussion – each element sitting just right in the mix.  Pulling inspiration from the likes of Van Morrison, Stevie Wonder, Geourge Benson, Jim Croce, Michael Jackson, The Who, Led Zeppelin, Gypsy Kings, Earth Wind and Fire, Bob Marley (& more), Common King’s seem comfortable no matter what kind of tune they are creating.

A clear and impressive musicality sits front and center in all of their tracks, showcasing their ability to produce quality records in nearly any style.  Reggae doesn’t get any better than, “Lock Me Up”, and any true reggae fan should want this in their bins.

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