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Cooper & Gatlin Keep things Rolling with ‘Like You’

There is something I always find super magical about musical families.  As someone who grew up with a musician father and failed to learn any instrument – it is always nice to see skills passed down through generations via passion and exposure.

It was only a short while ago that brother and sister Cooper & Gatlin came on to my radar with this fresh Tep No remix….

With an impressive skill set and clear understanding of the music they are creating, it seems Cooper & Gatlin are setting themselves up to be a force for o be reckoned with.  On their latest offering, “Like You”, mellow rhythmic guitar and some minimal drum programming keep the tune simplistic yet poignant.  What I personally love most about Cooper & Gatlin (from the short time I’ve been a fan) is their ability to deliver commercial friendly, bubbling Pop jams with a whole lot of substance – On the surface it is all smiles and sunshine, but listen closer and the story unfolds. 

Between their stand out vocals, clean production and anthemic hooks, Cooper & Gatlin are without a doubt going to be making waves.  With singles now coming in quick succession, be on the look out For a whole lot more to come:

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