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Crack Open A Cold One To Pete Beat’s Summery Single ‘Drinking Lager’

For most of us, last year halted even the best laid plans, yet for the musical mind of Pete Beat it led to a whole new musical venture. The extensive experience of this up and coming artist has accumulated in a highly anticipated album, ‘Before The War’. The first single exploding onto the scene this month is Pete’s utterly infectious electronic anthem ‘Drinking Lager’. His career began way back in 2006, with a single released under an American tech-house label and this lead to an exciting life of music for the enticing artist. With two albums under his belt and a sprinkling of singles and electric EP’s fuelling his Spotify feed, Pete Beat has earned himself BBC 6 Music and BBC Newcastle airplay with prominent praise from BBC’s Tom Robinson himself. Pete’s unique blend of electronica, jazz, pop and house elements accumulates in a sound specific to Pete himself. “I’ll always go for what interests me at the time,” Pete says about his art, “I think in the earlier days there was benefit in ‘just doing it’ to build your skills, but after writing and recording 400 or so songs over the last 10 years, now I know to wait for inspiration before sitting down to work.”

‘Drinking Lager’ is the vibrant single set to colour our daily soundtracks this month. Boasting a soundtrack of hypnotically sweet synths and a dynamic, driving drum line, ‘Drinking Lager’ is the optimistic anthem we’ve been waiting for. Pete Beat’s vocals stand centre stage in this stunning single, as his warm and vibrant vocals lament over the dull ins and outs of lockdown. Pete has crafted a chorus so catchy you’ll be singing it in your lockdown bedroom before you know it. Consistently himself, Pete’s vocals evoke a solidarity and reassurance with each note as this track transports you to the summer of lockdown when the hours of isolation were a touch more bearable. There’s something about Pete Beat that I just can’t get enough of, whether it’s the completely comforting nature of his vocals, the vibrant production behind each carefully crafted track or the unwaveringly honest lyricism that pours out of the artist. So, as we hesitantly head into a new year, let Pete Beat colour your days with his optimistic anthems and crack open a cold one to his sensational single ‘Drinking Lager’


Listen to PETE BEAT ON SPOTIFY NOW – ‘Drinking Lager’ is OUT ON 22nd JANUARY

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