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CVILIANS Team Up with Sibel for Debut ‘Sick of…’

While Swedish songwriting/production duo, CVILIANS may be a new endeavor, the groups members Karl-Oskar Gummesson and Ludwig Lindell have had plenty of success prior to the launching the new project.  With plenty of credits behind the scenes, especially in the K-pop market, working with artist such as EXO, NCT 127, ITZY, Red Velvet, Monsta X and GOT7 (to name a few), both artists have spent years honing their sound and crafting memorable tunes for the masses.

With their new project CVILIANS, they are creating stand out Pop music with hints of Hip Hop and Electronic with a focus on emotional lyrics and unique voices that interact with minimalistic and modern productions.  Now ready to show the world what they have been working on CVILIANS have recently unleashed their debut single, “Sick of…”, featuring Sibel Redzep, who also helped to co-write the tune.  

With lush synthetic textures, the production is impressively dynamic, leaving plenty of space in the verses for the vocals to shine before building up into the hook.  With Sibel sitting front and center, her stunning vocals grab hold from the very beginning while swelling synths and deep basses bring just the right amount of energy.  Beneath the clean production and captivating vocals, “Sick of…”, touches on how tiring love can be and how you sometimes feel like you want to stop chasing it.

The emotive new tune is without a doubt a stellar debut from the newly launched duo and helps to set the tone for what we can expect going forward.  This is a jam – plain an simple.  Make sure you add this one to your playlists. 

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