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D3Z & RILL0 Team Up with RADHA for Future Bass Smash ‘In Your Arms’

LA based songwriting/production duo D3Z & RILL0 have just unleashed their latest smash, “In Your Arms.  Teaming up with powerhouse vocalist and The Voice finalist RADHA, all parties have come together to craft an emotive and powerful tune that will without a doubt touch the masses.

From RADHA’s soaring vocals to D3Z & RILL0‘s pumping Future Bass production, the new collab fires on all cylinders from beginning to end.  With the lyrics touching on longing, loss and lust, “In Your Arms“, carries with it a message we can all relate to.  With all parties having already built a name for themselves on the solo tip with a number of stand out releases, the new single sees all artist putting their best foot forward and creating a memorable, jam-worthy tune that I will without a doubt be rocking for some time to come.

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