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Dafuq? Ernest K. is on a Whole Different Level [VIDEO]

So this one took me a minute to get together… the originality here has me all confuzzled.

Life for Nashville artist Ernest K. has never been a walk in the park.  Adopted at three weeks old, the victim of a freak heart attack at age 19 and overcoming a battle with addiction in college, Ernest K. has found a way to take the potential negatives in his life and turn them around.

His latest release, “Cuss, Fight, F**k”, off of his debut EP is one of the most original tunes I have heard in quite a long time.  With clear influences from Soul to Hip Hop and Country, the track transforms from beginning to end with Ernest flexing his abilities from front to back.  The dynamic release is honestly like nothing I have ever heard while at the same time being perfectly executed.

Clean and organic production incorporates funky guitar riffs, lush organs, orchestral breaks and and overall phenomenal vibe.  To top it off, it comes along with a music video that is as funny as it is professional – with Ernest K. playing several characters and showing off his penchant for comedy while also dominating the track.

About the release he offers, “I have always loved and listened to so many different types of music, but R&B/Motown/Soul music was my first love for sure.  To me, this is the epitome of a true ‘love song’. It’s about the most real aspects of any relationship. You’re gonna have times where you’re at each others neck and nights when one of you just ain’t feelin’ it at the moment… but at the end of any day, y’all love each other and know that there isn’t anyone else that you would rather be going through this crazy mess called love with.

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