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Dance Shake

We recently featured a remix from MTS (Matthew Shell) of Molly Moore‘s single, “Natural Disaster“, so he reached out to show me what else he’s been upto… and I’m glad he did.

Ready for some super solid Pop music?

For, “Dance Shake“, he teamed up with IhsAn Bilal & V.I.C.U who deliver stellar vocals over the funky groove laid down by MTS.

I love the dynamic between the two vocalists who bring perfect pitch to the incredibly technical and musical production.  This is no run of the mill radio track.  One listen should tell you that there is a clear understanding of music theory and arrangement.  The mix itself is super clean, with every instrument (and I say instrument because everything played is live.. hear that BASS?) serving a clear purpose.

I would like to say, almost in a negative way, that this track is perfectly Pop… but honestly, it is so well done…. it really is perfectly Pop (in the best way possible).


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