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Daniel Rauchwerk Unveils New Single "Only January Knows"

Celebrated singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Dan Rauchwerk is positioned to captivate audiences once again with the upcoming release of his highly anticipated single, "Only January Knows." Known for his evocative storytelling and rich musical tapestry, Rauchwerk's latest offering promises to be a soul-stirring journey into the heart of winter's enigmatic charm.

After a decade of enthralling music enthusiasts as one half of the folk duo, The Lords of Liechtenstein, Rauchwerk stepped into the solo spotlight with his critically acclaimed debut album, "We Are More Than What We Leave Behind," in 2018. A "musical Wikipedia" in his own right, Dan has consistently drawn inspiration from books and historical narratives to craft his unique musical narratives.

“With every season's turning, Another door will come to close / The sun will always rise Until it won’t / And you can track the fading shepherd, By his footprints in the snow / But how you keep your hearth fire burning, Only January knows”

Now, with "Only January Knows," he delves even deeper into his introspective realm. It's a record that explores the search for solace during challenging times, offering listeners a profound sense of comfort—a sentiment that Dan himself sought while creating the song. Promising to enchant audiences with its heartfelt melodies and profound lyrical depth, the track proves uplifting during what is perhaps the darkest time of the year. January is often seen as a depressing month - the holidays are behind us and the days are short and cold. Rauchwerk's artistry is deeply influenced by his personal experiences, and "Only January Knows" is no exception. In a month often associated with post-holiday blues and the frigid embrace of winter, Dan views January through a different lens. As his birth month, it's a time of hope and renewal for him, and he invites us all to share in that perspective. This single, with its earthy yet ethereal compositions, seeks to capture the timeless allure of midwinter and reminds us that even in the darkest, most barren seasons of our lives, hope endures.

Dan Rauchwerk resides in New York City, where he draws inspiration from his life with his wife Anna, whom he credits as his greatest muse.

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