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Danielle Deckard Just Wants to be ‘Happy’ [VIDEO]

Sydney based singer/songwriter and Berklee College of Music graduate Danielle Deckard has just released the lead single from her forthcoming album (along with a live visual treatment), and it is a chill and thought provoking jam.

This time around, Danielle finds herself bringing a bit of Indie Rock into her sound while also incorporating a clear Pop sensibility.  The new tune, “Happy“, sees Danielle shine on vocals, with well crafted lyrics that are easy to relate to for almost anyone.  Looking to the future, unsure of where the road may lead, she can only help but wonder….  “would that make me happy?“.

The song was created along with Paul Dougherty (producer) and Sam Marks (drums), and together the 3 looked back to the early 80’s for some musical inspiration.  To achieve the sound they were looking for, they include FM synthesizers, gated drums, chorused guitars, and a rhythmic bass line to support Danielle’s clean, yet melancholic vocals.

While the production is pretty minimal for most of the song, that only adds to the overall feel and dynamics.  Eventually, after a solid bridge, the track picks up to and closes out strong.  The feelings of self doubt and looming uncertainty suddenly disappear and the track closes on a high note – seemingly letting the listener know, that everything is going to be alright.

While it may be hard to see at times, never let the fear of the future interfere with pursuing your dreams.  Do what makes you happy… Now and everyday.

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