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Dansu is on the ‘Run’ [VIDEO]

Here comes what I think to be our first feature on a Tokyo based artist – Dansu.

Looking at the members of the 3 piece group and listening to their music may lead to some confusion over their geographic location, but the tunes speak for themselves.  After releasing their acclaimed debut single, “Do Do Do”, Dansu is hitting the ground running with a new tune and video.

Their latest offering, “Run”, showcases the groups feel good vibes, Pop sensibilities and jamming production.  Interesting progressions drive the tune while clean guitar riffs, gang vocals bass and percussion set the tone.  Everything about this tune is just how it should be.  Clear musicality and an appreciation for the music they are creating are ever present in this new one.  Playful, pumping, dynamic and jam worthy for sure.

For the video, “they flew to Israël with nothing but a really bad idea, a huge radio hit, and a green bucket.”  The culminating visuals only help to add even more energy and good vibes to the release.

So far, Dansu is two for two and I’m personally excited to see what comes next.

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