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David Frank Kicks Off 2022 With an Upbeat & Triumphant Pop Jam

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Like so many of us these past two years, David Frank has been experiencing what it's like to be isolated and alone. With so much time to yourself, it can be difficult to keep out intrusive thoughts and maintain a healthy outlook on life. Frank details his own struggle, and his healing process with his latest single "Wait".

I wrote this song during quarantine when I was going through a bit of a low.... It's about the relationship between you and your demons,.... It also affected my relationship with my wife. It's hard to be your best for your partner when you're not even at your best for yourself. But it turned into something triumphant. I knew that if I just wait, and heal, I could be the best for both of us.” - David Frank

"Wait" begins with a single note played softly on the piano supported by subtle chords, which give plenty of space to showcase David's voice in the first verse. Midway through the track, we're met with upbeat drums and a full background arrangement that give a hopeful energy, letting us know that things are beginning to get better. This all leads up to a final chorus full of angelic background vocals that demands the listener's attention.

David Frank is currently in the process of finishing an accompanying music video for "Wait", which we certainly can't wait to get our eyes on!

Listen to more like David Frank here:

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