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Dawson Fuss Takes Pride In Who He Is With “Free”

Self-reflection and being honest even with ourselves can be difficult at times. Not everyone can take accountability and do the work to grow, but sometimes that pain can earn your soul the freedom and redemption it deserves. Fast-rising indie-pop artist Dawson Fuss breaks free and brings his truth to light on his poignant tune “Free” off of his EP Edge of Adolescence.

The tune is a true cathartic experience that inspires and captivates listeners to become emotionally available and reflect on their own desires. The production creates an uplifting atmosphere while the intoxicating melody hones in on honesty. The storytelling through the lyrics emphasize the need to celebrate life’s difficult challenges and embrace who you are. This topic is close to Dawson, as he has been on a journey to accept his own identity despite both external and internal forces wanting to bring him down. He shares:

“Coming out was something I had always tried to avoid because I didn’t want to come to terms with being gay. I convinced myself that my sexuality was a burden to myself and others. However, after I finally realized that coming out was something to take total pride in, I was able to let go and feel truly ‘Free.’

Growing up in Santa Barbara, Dawson Fuss began starring in local musical productions and other theatre programs at the early age of five. This inspired him to pursue a music career where he could transform emotions into lyrics through the art of songwriting. Since then, his passion for music has only continued to grow, performing at his school in two choirs and most recently placing in the top-three local competition Teen Star Santa Barbara, which American Idol’s Randy Jackson judged. When Dawson isn’t creating music, he’s exploring other art mediums that he’s passionate about, including photography and cinematography.

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