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Vancouver based alt-trio daysormay is three 20-year-old‘s that have been making music together ,since they were the ripe young age of 12. The band is comprised of lead vocalist Aidan Andrews and twin brothers Carson and Nolan Basset, on bass and drums, respectively. The band finished 2020 with a bang, finding themselves a spot on Spotify’s “Fresh Finds: Best of Rock 2020” playlist with their previous release Running. The boys across the border kicked-off 2021 on a high note also, being nominated for Amazon Music Canada’s breakthrough program. More recently, daysormay has dropped a new single from their upcoming album release of the same name, Just Existing. The single was released on August 4th of this year as part of an every 8 week single rollout, until the full album release on October 6th.

An uplifting tempo of amped-up guitar melodies mixed with a heavily bass-driven 4/4 rock percussion track and a masterfully detached staccato vocal performance by Aidan all fuse together a phenomenal, radio ready Alt Rock/Pop hit, in Just Existing. Produced by Steve Bays (Hot Hot Heat), the song found new life when the band moved to Vancouver. Just Existing started off as three separate songs with good sections that were weighed down by parts that just didn’t quite do it. After chopping up the three songs and putting them back together, much in the way of Frankenstein’s monster, the band had a single that they loved to play live and were certain needed to be on the album. Alas, Just Existing became the titular track from the upcoming album release.

The song is not only guaranteed to get you moving, but the lyrics and symbolism of the track are easily relatable for anyone who has ever felt stuck, searching for something to get them going in life instead of “Just Existing“, within the perpetual system. A sort of anthem for finding your way and jumping off the hamster wheel, the song is an eye opening, battle cry for those of us just going through the motions.

daysormay is a band to keep an eye on and keep your ear to the ground for, every 8 weeks until this album drops, because it’s sure to be a great one!

Listen to more music from daysormay, here:

See the Just Existing official music video, here:

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