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Daysormay Kick Off 2021 with New Jam ‘Everything Is Changing’ [VIDEO]

While Vancouver based trio Daysormay may just be getting started, their success thus far has been years in the making. Formed by brothers Aiden and Carson Andrews when they were just 16 years old, the group has since proven themselves to be a force to be reckoned with in the Canadian Indie scene. Now, at just 21 years old and with Nolan Bassett on board as the third member, Daysormay continue to push boundaries while developing a sound all their own – and it seems people are clamoring for more. With a full album and an EP release already in their catalog, it seems the buzzing band is about to kick things up a few notches further and I will without a doubt be keeping tabs.

When I first came across Daysormay via their late-2020 single, “Running”, I was instantly hooked and have kept that tune in my personal stash ever since – without a doubt helping to drive some major streams for the budding trio. With influences like Phoenix, Glass Animals and Portugal the Man, Daysormay have been able to create a sound that is both original and familiar and have no doubt caught the attention of tastemakers far and wide. With performances under their belt around Canada as well as in Europe and Germany, the group have also touched stages at massive festivals like The Great Escape and Bumbershoot – using their electric live performances to help push their music even further.

Their latest single, “Everything is Changing“, is a smooth, laid-back and hypnotic tune that brings an uplifting and emotional vibe. From the enchanting vocals to the muted, minimal production, Daysormay have crafted an uplifting, hopeful tune that helps to show a different side of the group. While still bringing along the indie feel that fans have come to love, their latest release totally helps to switch gears from their last few tunes.

About the single, Daysormay says, “Everything Is Changing” is an idea that’s been around for a while. Carson and I started the chords on a ukulele when we were on a camping trip back in 2017. We had all just graduated high school about a month before, and, even though I knew we were jumping right into music, I still felt like I had just swam over a drop-off into the deep end. The first verse and the chorus were written in that period and headspace, but it was shelved for about another two years.  We rediscovered the demo in early 2019. We had just become a trio, and everything felt like we were floating over the deep end again. The lyrics really resonated with us, we all just stared at each other after listening to it. It was like we’d written it for our future selves. All the production and mixing on the song was done by us, it was a super DIY process. We wanted to preserve the feeling we put into it back in 2017, so there’s even still some stuff from the first demo in the final version.”

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