• Nicholas Zallo

DEBUT: ARK – Made For Us

The newest addition to the Kobalt/AWAL family is the multi-talented London based ARK.  While she has already become a familiar name and face around London and her home county of Hampshire, ARK is ready to share her talents on a much larger scale – and her first release is a great first step in the right direction.

Her debut single, “Made For Us”, is the perfect introduction to who she is as an artist and a delicious taste of what we can expect going forward.  Over a stunning piano (and little more) ARK shows off her ethereal and bold vocals through poignant and relatable lyrics, a powerful performance and a soaring range.  For me, what makes this tune most impactful is ARKs willingness to shed her soul and let the listener into her mind and heart.

As someone who thrives on discovering new talent, there is nothing I love more than a proper debut – and ARK has delivered Just that.  I will be keeping tabs fa sho.

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