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Dipha Barus & CADE Team Up for Seductive Groover ‘DOWN’

We’re going to say that we’re super “Down” with this new record from Dipha Barus & CADE. If you’re not familiar with Dipha, he’s a pretty big deal overseas, he is one of the biggest acts out of Indonesia, with over a decade of experience in the Indonesian music industry.

His new record “Down” is the first to arrive in 2020 and sees the young producer join alongside 23-year-old singer/songwriter/producer CADE to produce “Down“. The pair got together to make this track out in LA, CADE shares “‘Down’ is a record about simply living in the moment with your significant other and not stressing or over-thinking about what the future might hold. Simple as lemonade. I hope this record can bring smiles and joy to everyone as we experience stressful times around the world with COVID-19.

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