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Ezra Jordan, son of songwriters Amy Sky and Marc Jordan, is following in his parents footsteps. The young singer/songwriter from Toronto, Ontario in Canada, has been busy making a name for himself. Ezra’s exposure to music started at a very young age, but the artist is now blazing his own path. Ezra takes his influence from R&B/Funk as well as Alt/Pop, cultivating a soulful and authentic sound and style. It is clear from listening to his music that he takes a very stripped down keyboard approach to his writing. Starting small and building his songs from the ground up. He has already found a lot of success through out Canada, since his tour in 2018. Ezra Jordan has performed at the CNE (Toronto) opening night, supporting acts such as Dennis Deyoung from STYX, and has even opened up for Sam DeRosa in LA at Hotel Cafe. He will soon be co-headlining a tour across Ontario with Myles Castello. Ezra Jordan has deep musical roots and it is quite clear that we are just starting to see the tips of the leaves on his artistic tree.

Ezra’s latest single release, who i am, is an introspective song. It is crafted from the artists soul, bared for all to see and hear. Beginning as a journal entry written during the pandemic year of 2020, Ezra crafted who i am into a beautifully written and sung ballad. During the pandemic of Covd-19, many people struggled with the feelings of isolation that social distancing and fear had created. This was a particularly hard time for people suffering from mental health issues, as well as, most of the general public. During this time, Ezra Jordan looked inside and made some realizations. Dealing with his own isolation issues, Ezra began to find that on some level, he had felt this way long before the pandemic. who i am, is a song that deals with Ezra’s feelings that the people in his life that he considered closest, didn’t really know him very well, at all. The single is Ezra reaching out and trying to address the very real possibility of, ultimately, losing those relationships. In the chorus, he repeats, “i want you to know who i am,” a very real and powerful plea to try and save these relationships.

The artist uses the single to call attention to the voids between his relationships, hopefully finding a way to fill them and begin to feel fulfilled again.

Ezra Jordan is definitely an artist to keep your ear on, between his clear and immense talent and his family ties, big things will be coming from Ezra, for some time to come!

Listen to more music from Ezra Jordan, here:

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