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‘Don’t Be Afraid’ of De’Wayne Jackson [VIDEO]

Texas born, LA based De’Wayne Jackson just hit us with his new video for his single, “Truth Is“, off of his, “Don’t Be Afraid EP“, and it’s a smooth Hip-Hop slapper.

The Jazzy boom bap track catches De’Wayne at the top of his game with his well calculated rhymes and memorable swag.  Preaching to a lover, the lyrics convey a story of a guy fed up with doing all he can and getting left in return.  As much as he’d like to move on, De’Wayne says, “The truth is I can’t let you go.

Dope rhyme schemes, melodic undertones and a soulful hook help to bring this track to the limelight.  Accompanied by a beautifully cinematic video that reads like a short film, the storyline is unraveled even more – watching De’Wayne reflect on what he had and all that was lost.

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